Monday, July 04, 2005

Hello from Japan

I am in the process of making this blog at a cigarette smoke filled internet cafe somewhere deep in the heart of Tokyo. Beatles music is humming in the background. I finally manged to get this blogger to work (although all the directions are in Japanese) and stupidly left my travel diary in my laptop back in my hotel room. So this blog remains in a primitive, embryonic state, but hopefully with much potential. Please enjoy this blog like I enjoyed the cup of coffee on the plane.

Do remember that this is a public blog when it comes to comments. I`ve given out this address to friends and former students who may not necessarily know each other. But hey, isn`t that the power of the Internet to bridge distances?

BTW, I am enjoying almost every minute of my stay here. So many new types of foods I have never eaten in my life, and I thought I knew Japan like the back of my hand!

1 comment:

Eric said...

Looking forward to reading about your exploits. Be sure to post photos and descriptions of all those new foods!