Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Zuiikin English : "Take what you want!"

Sorry for not posting - I have a huge backlog of work that greeted me upon my return home.

Anyway, here's a strange video I found on the Internet, originally posted by Skillful Abbot (it's a shame how other people took credit for his posting of the video). Zuiikin English was broadcast in the 1990s, and was a way to "teach your muscles English". It's being rebroadcast right now. Japanese study English for a minimum of six years (since middle school), and yet many cannot even mutter simple English phrases. Thus zuiikin English is a way to chant English to a beat using your muscles.

This video is a segment for useful English if you are in America. Makes you wonder what image they have of Americans. You're going to have one of two reactions: either going to laugh your belly out, or stare in utter confusion. I laughed so hard that I couldn't sleep, but for some people, this video may hit too close to home.

Here's what the woman is saying in the first few seconds:
"Oh no, it looks like I'm lost!"
"I've come to a place with no people" (I'm not sure if I'm translating this part right)

Anyway, here are more links if you find this interesting:

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Eric said...

I ran across this link a while ago to another odd English-instructional video.

Dana Y. T. Lin said...

Of course, in Hong Kong, all the white actors are made to look incredibly stupid, dull, and tasteless. So Asian men are sexless geeks here and white men are mindless morons over there. Hm.

P-Low: The Skillful Abbot said...

Thank for giving me credit for the Zuiikin Videos. So many people have been stealing them that I re-encoded them again for my blog.